List of works

building   transheritage   identity fraud   degredation
nuts   Lost in translation   Convincing   judge
inheritance   post letterman   old spice   hair shirt
paint(ing)   paint(ing) in 3D   transreleation (part1)   superman is dead
skinning the surface   skinning the surface frame   ghosts   transrelation (part 2)
transrelation (part 3)   tension 3   tension 2   last dance
reliquary   painting my house   no word for it   Transland
Four Leaves   T-ransfiguration   Inside Out, Outside In   Mini Gender Change


Building (In)Site Transheritage Identity Fraud Degradation Nuts Judge Inheritance Post Letterman Old Spice Hair Shirt Painting Painting in 3D Transrelation (part 1) Superman is Dead Skinning the Surface Skinning the Surface Frame Ghosts Transrelation (part 2) Transrelation (part 3) Tension 3 Tension 2 Last Dance Reliquary Painting My House No Word For It Transland T-ransfiguration Inside Out, Outside In Mini Gender Change Lost in Translation Convincing Four Leaves Naturally Complicated 1 Naturally Complicated 2 Normal, Natural, Real Suited Temple The D'Eon Gambit Waxing Gender Various